The books are printed on very lovely archival quality matte paper. They will not fade, yellow, tear easily or show fingerprints. You will have something to keep forever, to share with family & friends, to show your grandkids, and to hold in your hands. Something made to last for generations.

I love seeing a wedding album as a finished product. It’s exciting for me to see my images come to life like that in print, and it’s the best knowing that you guys have a really beautiful record of such a meaningful and memorable day.

There’s nothing quite like holding your images in print form and seeing them on paper, not just a screen. It’s a wonderful thing having an actual book you can physically turn the pages of, show to family and friends over a drink, and breathe in for that delicious book smell (these albums are proper books). It’s pretty special to have photos in a tangible form.

I design the albums myself, filled with your favorite images of the day. Every album is individually crafted to suit your photos, so no two are the same in their layout. My albums come various sizes, with a huge choice of cover colors to choose from, and any style of text/illustration on the front. They are hard-cover, lay-flat books – this means they have no gutters or splits between pages, allowing for full 2 page spreads without an obvious seam in the middle disrupting the images (it’s like magic).