Anasha and Azar | The Grand Wedding | Totowa, New Jersey

September 7, 2020

Have A First Look Before Your Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding day is going to be gone by in a blur. So many brides report not being able to enjoy the moments of their special day because there are too many traditions to honor, photos to take, aunts and uncles to hug. You plan for months for this day and then it is gone in a poof. You have heard it from all your married friends, “it is over before you know it.” Time is precious today of any day and you should be free to enjoy as much of the party as humanly possible.

There’s a lot going on during your wedding day. There are flowers to distribute, ties to tie, a dream dress to be twirled in, photos to be taken, first dances to be danced, there are so many moments that will make this day special for you.

It is important that you slow down and enjoy your special day. This is why Anasha chose to have all her bridal portraits done before her Indian wedding ceremony.

Try to plan each event in a practical order. In an arrangement that leads itself to fewer duties of documentation and more enjoying the party for the start of your new life as a married couple, as a union. This includes taking your pictures before the wedding ceremony. So, instead of listening to your all your bride’s maid giggling at your cousins on the dance floor, you can go straight ahead to the reception and do the funky chicken with your cousins.

The photographer can take separate pictures of you and your spouse before the ceremony. There’s nothing to worry about, your groom won’t get to see you until it is time to say I do.

These separate photos can be made with the bridal party, the groomsmen (besides your soon-to-be husband, of course), and guests as they arrive. An adept photographer will make sure most of your photos are taken before the fun of the reception begins.

The photographer can take the photos of you and your spouse during the ceremony and a few shortly afterward to show the happy couple on their special day. Attend your cocktail hour to see your beloved wedding guests and enjoy sipping a glass of champagne.

A professional photographer will be available to plan with you beforehand about what options you have for photograph times and possibilities. You and the Photographer will develop a bespoke procedure to help you enjoy your wedding day with the fewest interruptions.

Have a first look before your wedding ceremony, to free up the most vital resource on your special day, your time. Don’t be left in a blur of motions on this memorable day. Savor each part of the day with organizing your photos to save you time with your new spouse and your wedding guests. That way you can spend time doing what is really important, like wiping the icing off your husband’s nose for the first time.

Enjoy your first dance knowing that your pictures are perfect and already taken care of so it’s okay if the Deacon accidentally spilled red wine on your maid of honor’s dress. It’s no big deal because all the official pictures have already been taken. It is time to kick off your heels and hike up your skirt and dance the night away as the first day of the rest of your life. Meet marriage without worrying about getting your photos taken at inconvenient times.