Engagement Photo Session Props

August 4, 2020


So, you’re having one of the most exciting moments in your life.

You’re engaged to be married and now it’s time to plan the engagement photo session.

The engagement portraits session with your photographer is a very special event to plan while still getting ready for the wedding.

First off, the engagement session is an exciting opportunity to show off your portraits to both families and bring them together. They get to join in the excitement and celebrate your engagement with you.

It’s basically everyone’s first chance to congratulate you.

More and more couples these days are deciding to consider having a creative engagement photo by bringing some props along.

Use props to personalize your engagement images.


Show off your personality as a couple.

Do you love to read? Then bring some books. Do you play guitar? Consider bringing a guitar to include in some of your portraits. How about a custom engagement sign? Champagne flutes?

Your photos should reflect your unique relationship, so try incorporating engagement photo props that represent your personalities.

The possibilities are endless.