Fall colors make us happy!

September 14, 2020

In the photography industry, we believe that images can change the world.

Since the beginning of photography, images have provoked reactions in people.

In today’s times, technology appears to be taking over just about everything. Anywhere you look you are seeing it being used by just about everyone!

From cell phones to tablets… from watches that can answer phone calls, to things such as Apple Pay and the chip readers in debit cards!

Yes… you have more and more people using things that are technological these days for just about everything.

But there are some things that can never be replaced by technology… and one of the most important and most valuable things that are included in that genre can be summed up in one word: prints!

Yes, you can never really replace prints… picture prints are a tangible item that technology can’t really take over! They make the perfect gift that can last a lifetime and beyond, we can hang them on the walls of our homes; you really can’t do that with a USB drive, can you? No, you can’t… prints hold a special power that you can’t get from things of technology.

Prints show someone that you truly care… that you’ve taken the time to show them that you appreciate, love, and care about them!

Prints can be given out for the holidays… they can be used for birthday gifts and even given to brighten someone’s day.

While you can take a picture and have it used in digital situations where technology is involved when you give someone a print it shows that you have taken the time and actually put in some effort into what you’re giving them.

Yes, technology is here, but when you utilize prints it is actually better!

Prints hold a lot of power that we don’t need to relinquish!