Frankie and Michael | The Wilshire Grand Hotel Wedding | West Orange, New Jersey

July 29, 2020




Modern Winter Wonderland Wedding

A magical day saw the everlasting matrimony of Frankie & Michael. A day for the ages, where a peaceful group of family and wellwishers witnessed the couple wed and swear solemn oaths to one another. The Wedding was set in a modern winter wonderland: January in the great State of New Jersey: The Garden State. The ceremonies were hosted by the Wiltshire Grand Hotel.

The wedding of high school sweethearts seemed inevitable to friends and onlookers. Their communion is a celebration of their lives and the love shared by their family and friends. It was Michael who asked Frankie to be his wife, in the traditional American fashion. Frankie’s response has been witnessed by all for the ages with the couple exchanging vows in West Orange, New Jersey in the Winter.

Frankie’s younger brother was presented with a special set of Ken & Barbie dolls, peculiarly similar to The Bride & Groom themselves. The younger sibling also preceded his sister’s graceful walk down the aisle, by walking the aisle carrying a “Here comes The Bride” sign printed in flowing type. The young man’s confidence, pleasant demeanor, and enthusiasm shone upon all who were present.

The glowing couple made use of a photo booth at the ceremony. The booth produced a spectacular set of photos, of guests enjoying themselves on the red carpet, that will document the event for eternity.

The Bride was dressed in an exquisite, flowing Tulle Gown and Christian Louboutin shoes. Frankie’s grace, poise, and charm were the delight of guests who had the privilege of sharing in her wedding day. More than one witness in attendance was moved to tears; each person was moved by The Bride’s presence.

After the ceremony, the Newlyweds met together with their friends and family and celebrated their new eternal bond with food and dancing. Frankie & Michael shared a first dance, together, while onlookers gathered around. Then others joined in and danced with both The Bride and Groom each, to celebrate their love, their marriage, and the new bond forged between two families and groups of new friends.