Geremy & Carlos Holy Family Church Nutley NJ

July 20, 2020

Geremy & Carlos Holy Family Church Nutley NJ

Weddings are set in heavens and some weddings have setting like heavens. This was the wedding of Geremy and Carlos, nothing short of a dream come true union.

We’re so excited to feature Geremy and Carlos’ rainy day wedding. This happy couple set the proceeding in motion by getting ready at the Westminster Hotel Livington NJ.

Geremy stunned the congregation in her pearl white embroidered wedding gown. Her tastefully done dark curls, silver jewelry, and platinum diamond wedding ring merged seamlessly with her gorgeous looks. Carlos donned a custom made grey sterling suit with a charming pink rose to greet the rosy bride.

Veil neatly tucked in her hair, Gerry walked and tapped gently Carlos on his shoulder. Carlos turned back and kissed her on the cheek. The couple greeted each other with tears of joy rolled down their eyes.

Catholic Church Ceremony.

The couple was married at one of the most beautiful churches in New Jersey – Holy Family Church Nutley NJ!

A traditional Filipino wedding ceremony involves several smaller ceremonies within in it. They had the traditional catholic cord, veil, and coins ceremonies that are often performed at Filipino weddings.

Filipino weddings are a modern mix of contemporary and historic traditions. Each ritual signifies the important values of the union of two individuals. Besides the bridesmaids and groomsmen, our couple included significant members that have been a part of their life – Filipino wedding sponsors. During the ceremony, sponsors are usually invited to join the bride and groom in the prayers of blessing.

These sponsors were aunts, uncles and extended family included in the wedding ceremony to partake in the long-established rituals such as Catholic veil and cord ceremonies.

Filipino Veil Ceremony.

Filipino wedding veil ceremony is a symbol of unity. Sponsors draped one side of a white veil over the bride’s head and the other side over the groom’s shoulder.

Filipino Cord Ceremony.

Other sponsors placed an infinity shaped cord on top of the veil as the couple received their blessing.

Filipino 13 Gold Coin Ceremony.

This ceremony was actually derived from the rites introduced in the early 18th century by the Spanish missionaries. After the minister then blessed the coins, the groom poured the coins into the bride’s hands as a symbol of his trust and confidence.

Unity Candle.

Our couple also had a final ritual symbolizing the bonding of two families. Together, the bride and groom did light the unity candle. With smiling faces from ear to ear, the couple left for a dazzling reception at Richfield Regency in Verona, NJ. The ambiance was unmissably filled with love, with each couple walking in dancing. The overjoyed couple took the center stage and danced on some romantic tunes with arms wrapped around each other.

The happy family and friends clapped to join their passionate union. The venue was tastefully decorated in a theme that the couple picked for the occasion. A grand cake was the highlight of culinary delights served at the dinner. The fairly take wedding was capped with an ALL JOINING IN family and friends dance. Everyone who graced the occasion loved and enjoyed the great wedding.

While guests snapped photo booth photos for the guestbook, our couple danced the night away.

Congratulations to Geremy and Carlos!