Golden Background Photo Booth | The Plaza Hotel Wedding | New York, NY

August 20, 2020


For Those That Made Your Day ― Wedding Photo Booth.

Nobody wants their wedding to be boring, right?!

Today we’re talking about a very important subject: how to entertain guests during your wedding reception.

Whether you’re just getting started, or you’ve been planning your wedding day for a while, it’s vital to get this right.

Obviously, your dinner will include a dance party as much as the wedding program allows, but if you really want your reception to be a memorable one, you have to think outside of the box.

Let them have fun.

Shift the spotlight to your guests and serve up your reception with a photo booth. We’ll make sure you’ll score cinema-worthy snapshots of your friends and family.

Everyone is going to want a chance to check the photo booth out and try out all different things to go with it. You don’t have to worry about where it can be used or who is going to use it because everyone is going to want to.

A gift to enjoy.

Some of the most admired takeaways from any wedding reception are the photos.

If you want to make sure that everyone leaves your reception with plenty to look back on, simply create an opportunity for taking fun snapshots.

There is no better way to bring everyone to your wedding together than a photo booth.

Your guests won’t leave empty-handed ― each time they use photo booth, they’ll have a classic photo booth strip in their hands.

The story of your reception.

Photo booth scrapbook make your memories come to life! Once your guests have finished handwriting their messages onto the pages, the pages can then be closed into the scrapbook.

It’s designed to be signed. This is why a photo booth is more than fun.

Cheery backdrop.

The great thing about a photo booth is the amount of versatility that you get with it.

You can easily upgrade your wedding reception look with a golden photo booth backdrop matching your theme.

It’s easier to pose for a wedding photo booth when you’re motivated to do so by an exciting background.

Get inspired by these videos of golden, silver, and white photo booth backdrops we offer.

These sparkly options will set the scene for great snapshots.

Adding a photo booth can be a great experience for your friends and family to enjoy because it allows you to get creative and try something entirely new.

With different props options for dress up, it’s definitely unique and it allows you to really show off all the fun that you had during the party.