Jason & Anna Wedding Photographer Fort Lee NJ

July 20, 2020

Jason & Anna Wedding Photographer

Fort Lee Wedding Photographer NJ

A wedding day can be absolutely amazing… but how do you make sure you get perfect bridal portraits? You plan, and you plan, and you plan… and you plan. And then it rains. When it rains it pours.

Sure, rain on any given New Jersey wedding day is good luck. Especially when you can cut the humidity with a knife. In reality, it makes almost every bride cry when a wedding day is going to be rainy.

Backup Plan for Rain on Your Wedding Day

What do you do when you got a great venue with breathtaking gardens for your wedding portraits and you can’t even step outside on your big day? Are you looking for a Wedding Photographer Fort Lee NJ? Simple.

Instead of having a “Trash The Dress” photo session on your wedding day, get your bridal portraits done on another day. Choose the day when you know for sure it’s going to be a perfect day. Get your bridal hair and makeup done. Drive back to your venue and voilà, you’ve got yourselves great wedding portraits. It’s going to be a very special and wonderful day.

Wear Your Wedding Dress Again

The last thing you’ll think about will be your wedding pictures. An after session really gives you a great amount of time to be yourselves. You won’t worry about any other wedding day details Besides… Who doesn’t want another reason to put on that gorgeous wedding gown!!?? Also, any wedding photographer would love to be focused on just the two of you. You’ll be getting beautiful portraits instead of meeting a wedding day timeline. You will have these impeccable after the wedding day images forever. Looking for a Wedding Photographer Fort Lee NJ?

After Wedding photo session can be done anytime after your wedding day… Weeks later. It’s never too late to schedule yours!

Relive Your Wedding Day After It Is Over

This is what Denise and Justin did. It rained on their wedding day at the New Jersey Botanical Garden, but this didn’t stop Denise from getting what she always wanted – Great Traditional Wedding Portraits of Bride and Groom! It was an absolute must-have on her wedding list. are you looking for a Wedding Photographer Fort Lee NJ?

So on a quiet Tuesday day, we went back to a Skylands Manor for bridal portraits. The Skylands Manor at the NJ Botanical Garden lends itself perfectly to wedding pictures. What an excuse to wear your wedding shoes again! Are you looking for a Wedding Photographer Fort Lee NJ?

Wedding Photographer Fort Lee NJ