Kelly & Patrick at Nanina’s In the Park Belleville NJ

July 20, 2020

Kelly & Patrick at Nanina’s In the Park Belleville NJ

There’s so much going on in the beginning part of your wedding day. Suitcases, extra clothes everywhere… Even the most confident, easy-going bride can start panicking. So how do you make sure you start your day on a positive note? It sounds like a cliche but just give yourself plenty of time and space to get ready. Because…

1. Getting ready is absolutely the best part of the day!

You want to relax and have a great time with your bridesmaids. Start your day with high protein breakfast. Our bride Kelly wore a beautiful wedding robe over a dress shirt to be comfortable when she’s getting her makeup and hair done. Are you as in love with those getting ready shots as much as we are? Those bridesmaid purple robes take getting ready shots to a whole new level. Plus, it’s a reusable wedding party gift.

2. Big Enough Bridal Suite.

It’s important to have a large bridal suite. This is the room where a bride will do many wonderful things: such as her hair and makeup. She and her bridesmaids will hang out here before the ceremony. This is the room where the wedding gown, shoes, and the rest of the details are arranged to be photographed.

Not to mention that in this room the bride will get into her dress. Nanina’s In the Park offers an enormous bridal suite with space for hair and makeup lounge enough to accommodate the large bridal parties. Having a huge bride’s room makes this wedding reception venue an even more appealing option. Don’t forget to have some champagne to get loose before you walk down the aisle.

Cheers, y’all!

3. Groom’s getting ready is just as gorgeous as the brides.

We always have an overwhelming amount of wedding photos of brides getting ready on their wedding days. The dress shot. The shoes shot. The wedding invitation shot. The wedding rings shot. With having a second photographer at your wedding, you’ll definitely get the groom’s gorgeous getting ready pictures. The wedding suit’s details, the impeccably parted hair, the window lighting coming in through the window for the groom’s pre-wedding preparations. This is what becomes an instant family heirloom.

4. What is a “first look”?

The first look is a chance for the bride and groom to see each other alone before the ceremony. 99% of studio couples last year chose to do a first look. It’s a fantastic opportunity to spend a few minutes privately together before the ceremony. This is your chance to create a real wedding moment with genuine emotions… and a great way to avoid stress on your wedding day.

That way you get to enjoy your fantastic cocktail hour because you got all of the photos out of the way before the reception. YAY!

5. It’s All About The Unplugged Wedding Ceremony.

Your wedding day will be filled with so many magical moments, but the ceremony is the pinnacle of the entire celebration. Guests were asked to turn off all gadgets and enjoy ceremony together with the couple. Go unplugged! That will guarantee that your wedding photos will not be ruined.

6. The Marriage License.

It is so easy to get caught up with all that fun and forget the legal side of your big day. After all, you’re celebrating the signing of your marriage certificate. Kelly and Patrick’s officiant had the marriage certificate at the right place at the right time.

7. Dramatic Wedding Reception.

Kelly & Patrick’s first dance was EPIC! They took their wedding reception to the next level with low lying fog for their first dance. They kissed each other under an elegant winter snowfall in front of their family and friends. Everything about this day was perfect. It was so much pleasure their special day!

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Kelly & Patrick at Nanina’s In the Park Belleville NJ