Make Your Pup the Star of Your Engagement Portraits

February 15, 2022

“Can we bring our dog to our engagement session?!” We get that question more than just about any other, and our experience has taught us a few key things!

Even though I have two cats I’m a dog-lover at heart and love to spend time with my friend’s pups in my free time!

Should You Bring Your Dog to Your Engagement Session?

When it comes to my couple’s engagement sessions, we’re more than happy to incorporate their dog into their images.

However, bringing your pup along for a photo session does require a little more planning.

Keep in mind is that everything will take considerably longer when a dog is involved, even a very well-trained one!

Think about getting them to settle in the right location, to sit still despite the new scenery and new people around, to face the right direction for the photo – all while you are also learning a new skill: posing for photos!

If your dog isn’t the most well-trained… maybe it’s best to leave the puppy at home.

For our couples who do decide that their four-legged friend will be up to the challenge, we always recommend they bring along a friend (or sibling) to handle the dog so we can focus on capturing the engagement portraits!

With a friend or family member standing over our shoulders, frantically waving your pup’s favorite toy right near our lenses, we can usually grab a handful of great photos, right at the beginning of the session!

Then, your dog-handler can either take your dog for a nice long walk. We always recommend they go off on their own after we capture some photos with your furry friend!

If you can’t find an extra pair of hands to help during the engagement session and the weather is going to be nice, you could always leash your puppy nearby, but this isn’t always kind to excitable young dogs. Also, putting your furry friend in the back seat of your car for the remaining 75 minutes or so also isn’t ideal, so we always push strongly for a friend to tag along!

Hope this was helpful as you think about your own dog! And if you don’t have a dog, well — thanks for reading anyway!