Meaghan & Michael At Liberty House Restaurant in Jersey City, NJ

April 26, 2021

The perfect Blue and Yellow Day at Liberty House

What makes a wedding special? Is it the theme or the mood? Perhaps it’s the people. It’s special because of all these coupled up; the theme, the mood, and the people. And with an outside ceremony like this, it gets even better; a beautiful natural background for a special day.

See the smile on their faces? The groom could not hide his joy; finally, she was his. Adorned in an elegant black suit and bow tie, the groom, surrounded by three of his best men all in blue half coats, blue bow ties, and fancy suits, completed the theme.

What of the bride? Wow! She was the center of attention. Her Cinderella flowered wedding gown matches elegantly her cute natural face and body. Everything matched this blue and black day! No doubt everyone anticipated the day; from the parents to the bridesmaids with their yellow bouquets all in blue dresses. Even NJ Devils’ Mascot showed up to celebrate. A nighttime wedding reception sends offlined with a wall of glowing sparklers and fireworks for a stunning visual impact.