Should you have a second wedding photographer?

July 28, 2020





Should you have a second wedding photographer?

How do you think the world’s most successful wedding planners looked like when they first started?

Like apprentices.

No one has all the knowledge handed over to them in the beginning. Everyone learns from someone experienced.

That’s why you should study before you book your wedding studio.

Learning helps you overcome paralyzing fear.

You’re obviously itching to start planning your big day. This is on having a second photographer at your wedding.

Between venue tours and cake tastings, it’s easy to forget about certain things when wedding planning, but don’t stress — we’re about to walk you through most important of them.

A second photographer.

Having only one shooter can be particularly dicey. I personally have gotten myself stuck into one photographer’s weddings far too many times to count.

So why do you need a second shooter at your wedding?

Here are 5 reasons.

  1. We’ll be able to photograph both the bride and groom with their wedding party as they get ready. One photographer can’t be in two places at once to take pictures. While the ladies are getting ready upstairs, you’ll have the second photographer downstairs capturing candids of the guys.
  2. A different perspective.While the main photographer is getting shots of the bride and her dad coming down the aisle, the second shooter the first look expression of the groom. Also, the second shooter covers the cocktail hour and reception while the main photographer shoots a couple’s portraits.
  3. Family formals take less time, allowing you to get to your reception sooner. This leaves more time for the more creative and dramatic portraits of just two of you. This means more detail shots, getting more spontaneous moments worthy of capture.
  4. You’ll get more dancing and party candids. After we photograph those stunningly perfect group shots, it’s time to focus on those special candid moments between family and friends during the reception.
  5. A second photographer adds creativity to your final gallery of images. Having images shot from a different angle or simply from the eye of another photographer can add depth to your wedding’s overall visual experience.

So before you decide what coverage you need for your wedding day, ask yourself these three questions:

Question #1: Do you need more information?

Booking your wedding studio doesn’t mean you should be naive.

Whatever boxes you have already check-off, be warned: extensive research and planning often leads to procrastinating.

Don’t be hiding behind websites either. Make appointments.

Question #2: Do you need to try before you commit?

Typically before booking the bride follows the photographer’s work on Instagram. However, she has no idea what to expect on a wedding day. Do you want pictures that are cute or dark Ethereal and airy? This is why you should have an engagement session before you commit to your wedding photographer.

The faster you schedule your engagement session, the faster you’ll know.

Question #3: Do you need a step-by-step plan?

If so, let’s set the date for the in-studio consultation for us to plan how exactly your wedding day will be captured.

What’s holding you back from taking action now?

Thank you so much for reading.