The Perfect Love Note for Your Wedding Day

July 21, 2020

So the big day has finally arrived.

You just woke up after a night of tossing and turning. It’s very early and no one else is awake yet.

You’ve crossed one thing after another on your wedding to-do list, but there is one more thing to do before you get into your wedding gown.

Write a love note to your groom.

Something short and sweet. Reminding your guy, who will be waiting for you in a custom-designed tux that he is the love of your life.

It doesn’t have to be anything lengthy if you don’t feel like it.

Say something sweet. Something like “I can’t wait to kiss you” would be just perfect.

Keep it joyful.

Nothing that can be brought up again in an argument 7 months from now.

Obviously don’t forget the safety word… Just kidding.

Be the angel and do more than simply list what you love about him. Add a promise to be a best friend, and that you can’t wait to be his wife.

A wedding day love note creates such magical images. Don’t skip this part, out of all of the things that you’ll cherish from your wedding day, nothing will compare to a genuine love note.

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