Wedding Photo Booth at Perona Farms, Andover, NJ

March 8, 2022

Ready to get this wedding party started, right?

For a fun time, our wedding photo booth lets guests throw their arms in the air and enjoy taking fun pics.

Not only will this create lasting memories, but you can offer a few fun options like color or black and white strips.

Use these ideas to help make your photo booth a big hit:

Fun pictures with friends and family

Because the happy couple wants all of the memories from their big day, a wedding photo booth is a great way to take pictures with everyone who attends.

It can break up the monotony of just sitting at tables and guests will feel like they’re at prom all over again as they stand in line!

The kids can take pictures together and the in-laws will have the chance to share the memories, too.

It’s also a fun way for friends and family to get to know one another. An added benefit is that it gives people a chance to mingle, and they have fun pictures to show off on their smartphones and tablets!

Get everyone in on the fun!

Added keepsakes for your photo booth scrapbook.

Another benefit to a wedding photo booth is that it can give you pictures that you might not have thought of as a wedding photographer may just go table to table and get standard pictures of everyone.

Guests can decide if they want to take pics before they start to eat and dance, or after the cake is served and the music is turned up!

With so many great ideas on how to take pictures, your friends and family will have a great time at the wedding photo booth! And the memories…will last a lifetime!

Join me on this ride and you’ll discover fun-having guests at your reception taking pics by our photo booth.

All aboard!

By the way, you can watch their photo booth video here.