Wedding Thank You Banner

March 23, 2022

Custom Thank You Cards are the cherry on top of the big day — the final piece of stationery to be sent out.

Sending thank you cards are more important than you think.

Your family and guests are spending time and money celebrating your wedding, which means you’ll want to thank them sincerely for everything they do.

…and you should do it promptly!

Creating a card with a photo from your wedding is a nice idea, but the timing is tricky.

That’s why at our studio we plan those types of wedding portraits BEFORE the big day.  

We make sure our bride and groom are photographed holding this special Thank You banner.

This ensures that we are ready to design and print their Thank You cards almost immediately after the wedding.

That way our couples don’t delay writing notes for gifts received at the wedding and arrange to have the cards made quickly.

It’s easy to forget about the little things when planning a wedding. There are so many boxes you have to check off. A wedding thank you banner is one of them.

A couple of months before the wedding day is a perfect time to get one of those banners and have it ready for your Thank You card portrait.

With this banner, you’ll have your personalized wedding Thank You cards printed immediately after the big day, without any delay. They won’t go unnoticed by your guests, we promise.

Get the banner today and make sure all your details are in order.

Best wishes for a happy planning and an amazing wedding.